Additional SPICE Projects

6922/300B DRD Amplifier

6F5P SET 1W Single-tube Amplifier

EICO HF87 Push-Pull Amplifier

Java Apps and Applets for finding SPICE tube parameters interactively
Finding SPICE model parameters by repeated parametric simulation in SPICE or matlab is tedious. Hence use of constraint-solver of goal-seeker optimizers is very appealing. However, I found that optimizers do not always deliver the best SPICE models. Because many tubes are not very linear and many published curves are flawed, it is an art to find the best fit. Interactive tools allowing to adjust parameter values in real time are presented here.

Here is simple Java Applet/App parameter finder. It needs triplet-array of values Vp,Ip,Vg representing points on plate curves, as input. Source code is provided.

Paint model curves over real curves. This approach allows to build models by aligning curves of an image you download off the web displaying published tube curves, with model curves which you change in real-time with slider controls. Models covered are: Koren Improved Triode, Koren Improved Pentode, Polynomial Ex models.

Author: Dmitry Nizhegorodov ( My other projects and articles