My Real Flight 4 Models

Author: Dmitry Nizhegorodov ( My other projects and articles

1.   Full Scale Real Flight Sports and Aerobatics Planes

From time to time questions arise about flying full scale planes in R/C simulators like FMS or RealFlight or Phoenix. Surprisingly easy task but surprisingly little can be found on the web and what is found is often of very low quality, that is, the simulation do not at all fly like real piloted planes.

2.   The Requirements

A full-scale plane must feel like its real life version. Most "100%" or "full scale" models out there are nothing like that. Most are quickly hacked versions of smaller planes with very bad physics. Most often, the 3d mesh is scaled by some 300-400% and so is the physics, and the the weight adjustment parameter is also provided. The result is nothing like the real plane.

It is perfectly OK to scale the 3d mesh but it is It is very important to do the physical geometry and the physics from the grounds. The physics scaling parameter should remain 1. It is important to find out and correctly specify real plane geometry, weight, propeller geometry, motor thrust, rpm and horse power. The weight must be properly distributed to give correct angular inertia.

3.   Full Scale Planes for Real Flight.

One limitation in RF is that the weight of certain components such as fuselage, wings etc is limited to 100kg. This can be worked around by using multiple section and mass components. Multi-section wings are additionally useful when airfoils are complex. If the wings are a single-section then a balanced mass component can be added. it needs be distributed to approximate real wing weight distribution.

Fuel tank capacity limits in RF are not adequate and the weight is only 500g. Hence a mass component can be added.

Engines are a problem due to lack of adequate thrust range. The engine mod parameter can be scaled up 400% which with engine thrust curve maxed at optimum rps gives up to 4000-5000N of thrust; increasing that requires multiple engines. For Sports/acrobatic planes with 200-400 hp engines I use 2 RF engines to get up to 8000N or a bit more of thrust. One of the engines should be set as silent otherwise audible "beats" will be heard.

4.   100% Yak 54


The plane characteristocs are

Length: 6.91 m (22 ft 8 in)
Wingspan: 8.15 m (26 ft 9 in)
Wing area: 12.890 m2 (138.75 sq ft)
Max takeoff weight: 990 kg (2,183 lb) two-seat (1874 (850kg) for single seat operation)
Powerplant: Vedeneyev M14P 270 kW (360 hp)
Propeller: 3-bladed
Maximum speed: 450 km/h; 280 mph (243 kn)
Stall speed: 111 km/h; 69 mph (60 kn)
Ferry range: 700 km; 435 mi (378 nmi)
Service ceiling: 4,001 m (13,125 ft)
g limits: +9, -7
Roll rate: 345 degrees a second
Rate of climb: 15.01 m/s (2,955 ft/min)


download.jpg Full Scale Variant of RF Yak54 by Dmitrynizh, 2012. I've tried to be as accurate as possible with this variant's physics and airplane tech specs. Two RF engines (included in the RFX) are used to simulate the stock Vedeneyev M14P with its 360hp, providing up to 8000-8400N. The real life 3-blade VP prop is modeled as fixed fixed pitch 185x130 2-blade wood prop on each such engine.

download.jpg Competition/Stunt/3D version. This differs from the base version by reduced weight (800kg) and prop and engine :mods: allowing to do hovering and torque rolls. It is like the Yak is made lighter and is using a highly tweaked version of M14P. The control throws are also maxed out on the full throws; the snaproll factors are a bit increased. This version is just a bit too agile for the real yak54 but fun. It flies very aggressively, similarly to SU31 or even to Slick. From the description:

Full Scale Variant of RF Yak54 by Dmitrynizh, 2012. I've tried to be as accurate as possible with this variant's physics and airplane tech specs. The 100% Competition version differs from my basic full scale version by the motor tuned to deliver above 400hp, CG sligtly aft and all controls maxed out.

5.   Slick 540



Maximum take-off mass, cruising flight 795 kg / 1750 lb
Maximum take-off mass, aerobatics 716 kg / 1575 lb
Empty mass (standard) 550 kg / 1210 lb


Engine (Lycoming) AEIO-540-(modified)
Rated Horsepower 219 kW / 294 bhp
Rated Speed 2700 rpm
Propeller (3-blade, constant speed) MTV-9-B-C/C198-25

Fuel Capacity: Main tank 16 US gal / 60 litres
Wing tanks 10 US gal / 38 litres each


Wing Span 7.30 m / 23.95 ft
Wing Area 8.63 sq m / 92.8 sq ft
Length 6.05 m / 19.84 ft
Propeller Diameter 84 ins
Control deflections: All controls 25O +/- 2O symmetrical


Wheel Base 4.44 m / 14.56 ft
Wheel Track 1.51 m / 7.48 ft
Tire Size Main (four ply rating) 500 x 5
Tail wheel, castoring, lockable 3in dia

Airspeed limitations:

Normal flight range (green) VS=59kts / 68mph to VA=187kts / 215mph
Maximum speed (red line) VNE = 226 kts / 260mph

Recommended entry speeds for approved maneuvers:
Loop: positive above 120 kts / 140 mph
negative above 120 kts / 140 mph
Roll: Left & right 100 kts / 115 mph to 187 kts / 215 mph
Snap roll: positive max. 120 kts / 140 mph
negative max. 120 kts / 140 mph
Rated max. engine power: 294 bhp at 2700 rpm


slick540_100pst_pics.jpg Performance/3D version. The color scheme is this. The plane feel very agile yet definitely it is not a floater in comparison to the Yak (Yak54 has much floater wing loading).

6.   Edge 540

Reduced-size Edges are not not favorite planes but this full scale version, true to the specs, flies great. It is a comparatively small but very agile and power aerobatic plane, fun to use to do pylon racing.


Length: 6.27 m (20 ft 7 in)
Wingspan: 7.42 m (24 ft 4 in)
Height: 2.87 m (9 ft 5 in)
Wing area: 9.1 m^(2) (98 ft^(2))
Empty weight: 531 kg (1,170 lb)
Loaded weight: 703 kg (1,550 lb)
Powerplant: Modified Lycoming AEIO-540 Hartzell composite, 3 blade, 254 kW (340 hp)

Maximum speed: 230 knots (265 mph)
Rate of climb: 1,128 m/min at 425 m (3,700 ft/min)
Power/mass: 0.472 hp/kg (0.214 hp/lb)
Roll rate: 420deg/sec


edge540_100pst_pics.jpg This 100% Edge is based on the Edge; from RealFlight Add-ons Volume 4

7.   Sukhoi Su-31

I built this RF sim model from scratch using Metasequia mesh 3DCG Mamecraft su31 as my starting point.

    Sukhoi SPECS

    Crew: 1
    Length: 6.83 m (22.41 ft)
    Wingspan: 7.80 m (25.59 ft)
    Height: 2.76 m (9.06 ft)
    Wing area: 11.83 m^(2) (127.34 sq ft)
    Empty weight: 700 kg (1,543 lb)
    Propeller:   MTV-9 three-blade propeller diameter 2.50 m.
    Weight:      740 Kg.    
    Competition weight: 790-800 kg (1,543 lb)
    Powerplant: Vedeneyev M-14PF, 294 kW (400 hp)
    Roll rate: 7 rad/sec (401 deg/sec)

su31_100pst_pics.jpg This 100% SU-31 has the classic Red CS as shown at Le Bourget 1997

Performance MODDED variant

8.   Videos of piloted competition/freestyle aerobatics

Author: Dmitry Nizhegorodov ( My other projects and articles