My FMS Models

Author: Dmitry Nizhegorodov ( My other projects and articles

1.   Why FMS models

I develop FMS simulator models, and below are some of my recent creations. Mostly, I'm interested in reproducing accurate flying characteristics of my own planes. I try to match FMS parameters to the geometry of real plane. I also fix the physics of some models I download. Occasionally, I create models for planes I plan to buy or am interested in, and sometimes create friend's plane models. I use FMS extensively as prototyping/research tool. There is significant power and flexibility in FMS, more than many realize. While FMS lacks visual candy of such commercial sims as RealFlight, and has some difficulties in some aspects of 3D flight, it's often a tougher test of new design: if it flies well in FMS, it will fly well in reality and in RF.

2.   FMS models for some popular planes

Creating an expansive collection of FMS models of existing RC planes is not one of my goals. I've done a few as a study and also because I liked the way the original planes fly and wanted a challenge of replication the original's flying characteristics electronically.

Parkmaster 3d from Multiplex is a popular plane with good habits. I created this model because there were no one available. Download zip archive. Variants: Rob's (Roballoba) Red/White PM

FMS model for 3D Hobby Shop 46" Vyper. Light setup. Download zip archive. This zip archoive contains additional color shemes in the skins directory. Do alter a color scheme, copy a bmp you like from skins dir to 3dhs_vyper46.bmp in the top directory. Teh default is yellow.

TW-742 Sky Hawk 4ch aerobatic glider Download zip archive.

3.   FMS models of planes I built

I tried to match my real planes with these models as accurately as I can while preserving true phisical dimentions. mass, inercia, etcs in the model par files.

micro 3d plane I designed and built using composite depron/EPP/carbon construction ideas. 24 inch ES, 93g flying weight including battery. Download zip archive.

FMS model for Clik-like EPP/carbon plane. 30" WS, 112g flying weight including battery. Download zip archive.

FMS model for my 24" EPS scale model of Lancair Legacy. 10g 200kv HC outrunner. Buit in summer of 2008, still flies well. Download zip archive.

FMS model for my 36" pattern outdoor plane. The model reflects my Spartan color scheme and shows my EPP "milling". It flies in FMS very close to the real plane. Download zip archive.

Fenzee is 27" flying wing kit from Sylvan Aircraft. Download zip archive.

48" flying wing sloper I fly on Marsh road (BayFront park). Download zip archive.

My heavilly modified/improved TW-742 Sky Hawk. Download zip archive.

24 inch sem-scale Edge 540. Download zip archive.

1/10 semi-scale Cassutt Racer "G-BOMB" Download zip archive.

My lightened 5g variant with airfoiled wing Download zip archive.

4.   Design ideas, FMS models of future planes

What if one takes the wing halves of ParkZone Typhoon2 3D, replaces ailerons, curves out some excess EPP, adds CF spars, completely reworks the fuse and the tail? Here is FMS model for my Typhoon NEXT project idea. CS/decals are GIMPed-over after the scheme of HC Angel. Download zip archive.

What if one takes the general outline of Multiplex PM 3D and adds more precision to it by (1) extending the fuse by 10%, (2) changing the wing sweep angle and (3) adjusting the tail to look more like parkflyer sized profiled fuse f3a? Here is FMS model representing this idea (with PM3D's stikers on it). Download zip archive. Skin variants include 3DHS Vyper's look.

Impression is a great F3A plane. What if one creates a parkflyer-sized Impression? The shape is different - a bit - to reflect 40" specifics but it stil looks familiar. I used Impression original color scheme to emphasize the heritage. I might build something like this soon. Download zip archive.

This project idea represents one way to "fix" the problems of my 27-inch fat Edge24. Still zesty and moving briskly as small-size shock-flier should, this one promises to be a much more meutral, well-behaving and precise plane. Download zip archive.

Author: Dmitry Nizhegorodov ( My other projects and articles